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STENZ is a working group dedicated to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development across all tertiary education in New Zealand.


In 2014, all New Zealand tertiary graduates will understand the principles, values, and practices of Strong Sustainability.

  1. To ensure graduates have the capability to embed sustainability principles, values and practices in their lifestyle and     profession.
  2. To enable the embedding of sustainability principles, values and practices into all tertiary education programmes.
  3. To create opportunities for research in the sustainability domain, including education for sustainability that enhances curricula and pedagogy.
  4. To support tertiary education providers in creating an institutional context that encourages sustainability thinking, policies and practices.

STENZ scope is limited to tertiary education providers in New Zealand – and in the first instance its focus is on public providers (i.e. universities, polytechnics and wananga).

Recognising the many avenues for embedding sustainability in tertiary education, for example (curriculum; research; policy; operations; campus community and wider community engagement). STENZ focus is predominately on promoting a systems perspective, with a particular focus on learning (curriculum and student research). STENZ acknowledges existing actors in the operations space; however it seeks to maximise opportunities where operations impacts student learning.

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