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Transforming Auckland

Transforming Auckland: Institutional, technological and cultural innovations for sustainable cities, a thematic research initiative (TRI) of The University of Auckland, presents a unique opportunity to take a lead role, nationally and regionally, in urban sustainability research and delivery. The timeliness of this initiative cannot be understated: the current transition of Auckland’s regional and local councils into one ‘Supercity’ council for Auckland, operative 1 November 2010, places The University of Auckland in a central position to actively influence the research agenda and emerging policies, processes and governance structure to deliver sustainable urban development for Auckland. At the same time, the TRI presents an opportunity to contribute to international discourses on these issues by forging new relationships with research centres and institutions at the forefront of sustainable cities initiatives worldwide. 

The unique feature of Transforming Auckland is the opportunity to marshal the wide academic talent pool at The University of Auckland in a coordinated effort to bring together leading researchers across the University in new interdisciplinary collaborations. The TRI also promotes working with key external stakeholders – locally and internationally; producing new insights into the processes and systems underpinning institutional and investment decision-making; developing new technologies and urban design solutions; and framing new policies and approaches that support sustainable lifestyle options for Auckland’s diverse multicultural communities.

SANZ is one of the research partners for this initiative.

Project owner: University of Auckland
Phase2 (SANZ) role: Research partner