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The table below lists all the pages in the old site (in the order they appear in the navigation menu) and their status (what's been rebuilt, what's not being rebuilt, what's left to do). Remember also that there is a draft strong sustainability site at:

Current jobs
  1. Simon convert EFPP_2009.pptx to ppt or pdf.
  2. Simon or Wendy load the rest of the papers and presentations.
  3. Simon or Wendy load the rest of the web site links.
  4. Simon or Wendy to tidy article entries.
  5. Simon or Wendy to load ESD resource links from bottom of old UNDESD page and old Education resources page.
  6. Complete Partnerships page (Simon - growthbusters, Wendy, Auckland City)
  7. Registration.

Future jobs
  1. Review draft strong sustainability site for anything useful.
  2. Membership.
  3. Check Amazon Associates links on Recommended books page.
  4. Maybe ad AdSense ads on bottom of sidebar?
  5. Enable discussion/workspace about projects.
  6. Add strong sustainability rating to events.
  7. Complete 'What can you do?' page.
  8. Quotes page?
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Old page URLNew page URLStatusRedirect
Old page URLNew page URLStatusRedirect  Want to keep this material but this table may not be able to be reproduced in the new site as it's full screen. Could host on and link through? Or make graphic? Recommended web sites These links need to be added. Home Presentations done. Events done. Some presentations still to be loaded so don't delete. Plus other text may be able to be reused. Join New page links back to old join page. Join New page links back to old join page. Home Book loaded. Not converting page. Two other items superceded. Join New page links back to old join page. Join New page links back to old join page. Recommended books All books and articles loaded. About us Done. History on new page. Board on new page. Contact us on new page. Constitution Done. Papers and presentations All relevant papers and presentations loaded. Home Not converting this page. Projects Copied to Projects page for now as 'future project'. Sustainability events in New Zealand All events loaded. Recommended web sites Need to complete loading (check relevancy first). Home Not converting this page. Glossary of sustainability terms All terms loaded. UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD resources at the bottom of the old page need to be loaded. About us Just one paragraph copied to the About Us page.  
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